Vedic Astrology Remedies: How Do They Work

Vedic Astrology Remedies
We are human beings. We make mistakes and blunders. We fall for temptations and illusions. Why it all happens to us? Why do we face troubles? 

When good planets are under malefic influence, we face such issues. If you too are facing such issues or are worried about such questions then Vedic astrology is the key to all your problems! Read on to know what Vedic astrology is and how does Vedic remedies help you in overcoming your problems.

Vedic astrology is the science that explains the effects of planetary movements in our lives. Everything that one does is dependent upon the movements and positions of the planets. A good astrologer helps you understand the position of your zodiacal fixed star signs in relation to your placement on Earth. The charts can be prepared by the astrologers once they get sure about the correct positions of your signs.

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The correct positions of your signs help the astrologers in deciding the remedies that they should give to people. There could be different kind of remedies such as pooja, wearing gemstones, mantra chantings, offerings, daan, meditation or wearing different kinds of rudraksh. But, the remedies will depend upon the person, his birth chart, planetary positions and more. 

What are astrological remedies?

The humans face challenges and problems every day, from birth till death. There are various sorrows, miseries, hindrances, diseases, emotional breakdowns and more. In situations like these, we try to seek advice from Doctors, Astrologers, Gurus, etc. But, the reality is that we will continue to face such issues until we are alive.

These issues affect our mind, body and soul. To avoid such pain and to seek relief from all such troublesome situations, one can depend upon Vedic remedies. Vedic astrology has not only given the tools to determine the hurdles that could come in the future but has also given the ways to avoid such hurdles. These ways are based on astrological principles called astro remedies. These astro remedies or Vedic remedies attempt to modify the bad situations or hurdles as depicted in our natal charts.

What is the correct way of determining remedies?

Whenever a patient visits a doctor, he determines his medical history, health, condition before prescribing a treatment. He makes sure that he doesn’t end up prescribing a wrong or unwanted medication. An astrologer pretty much does a similar analysis. For instance, a native comes with a problem that his Emotional Quotient (EQ) is always high and feels depressed almost round the year. What if we could suggest you a remedy? 

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EQ is directly linked to the moon. The people whose moon is weak tend to suffer from high EQ and feel depressed. Moon represents mother. One can follow simple Vedic home remedies such as wearing a pearl ring and being respectful towards his/her mother to get rid of such situations.

The correct way in which the astrologers suggest the remedies is as follows:

Determine the overall bad and good effects of all planets as per the chart.

Determine the strength of all those planets.

Next, check which planets are causing troubles. 

The remedies are then decided on the basis of the planets which are malefic or weak.

Finally, the Dashas, Maha Dashas, Antar Dashas, Prati Antar Dashas Chart are checked. The relationship of the planet with the Dasha Lord is matched. Compatibility is seen and if the compatibility isn’t matched then a remedy is suggested for the Dasha lord instead of the planet in question.

The results will vary from person to person depending upon their chart. That is why no remedy works the same way for two different people. Undeniably, remedies work but determining the right remedy is important. It takes the right skill set and experience of the astrologer you are visiting.

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