AstroNupur is one of the most reliable online resources for Business/Corporate and Baby Name Numerology reading and recommendation. We understand that numbers are more than place-holders for quantities. Numbers can actually guide you to realize your ‘inner skills’ and can help you in making positive choices in life.

Numerology is a science that deals with the connections between numbers and personality traits, life circumstances and events. At the root of numerology lies the belief system that says numbers are the universal language. The Numerology experts calculate certain numbers to provide a clear picture of the individual’s personality, the ongoing events and their future life.

By calculating certain numbers, an expert numerologist can get a clearer picture of a person.  These numbers are typically associated with their date of birth or name. Using our expertise in Numerology, at Astronupur, we can help you to know who you really are, how others perceive you, and the opportunities that lay ahead. We offer the following services –

Numerology Services for Individuals

At AstroNupur, we provide Business/Corporate and Baby Name numerology services for individuals to help them achieve their life purpose and also to cope up with the weaknesses.  

  • Name Spelling Setting for Individuals & Their Offspring Like our birth date, our name also bears an influence over our lives. Our date of birth is assigned by God, based on our past life karmas and therefore it is not in our hands. However, we can alter our name setting to change the name number and get harmonious results in life.

As per the ancient numerology, the name number influences one’s social and marital life.  Every letter in your name has certain vibrations and powers. A small correction in the spelling arrangement of your name can bring a huge positive difference in your life.

At AstroNupur, we have a numerology expert who can suggest spelling correction in your name to help you have a more prosperous and successful life.

  • Know Your Lucky Number – Lucky number is considered as a significant element in the domain of career, luck and love. Knowing the lucky number is exclusively helpful for those who are involved in money games such as lottery, horse race etc. You can take your lucky number into account while taking important decisions to enhance the potential for success.
  • Flat Number Suggestion – According to the numerologist, the house number, flat number, or apartment number when combined with the street and directional gives rise to a unique number called “Dwelling Number”. The individual’s dwelling number influences the home’s environment. At AstroNupur, our numerologist expert can suggest whether you current home address or the one you are willing to buy or shift to will be favorable for you or not.
  • Suggestion for Personal Phone Numbers – Everybody has a mobile phone nowadays. It is one of the major mediums of communication. Being so close to your life, the sequence of digits in your phone number also influences your life up to an extent. An expert numerologist can perform a certain calculation to find whether your current phone number is resonating well with your energy or not. If not, they could suggest you a sequence that will bring better opportunities and peace in your life.

If you are looking for such kind of service, we are here for you. Please feel free to reach out to our expert numerology.


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Business/Corporate Numerology and Spelling Setting for Startups

Our life is surrounded with numbers, right from the ‘date’ we are born to the house we live in ‘house number’ and the device ‘phone number’ we stay connected with. Numerology reading for business is a way to pacify the cosmic factors that determine the fate of your business. Whether you are going to start your new venture or seeking advice for the existing ones, numerological recommendations can help in making it more successful and profitable.

At, we have expert numerologist who can help you in knowing lucky number for your business, suitable logo design and name suggest for organization. Currently, we offer following corporate numerology  services –

  • Spelling Setting for Organization – Business name is an important factor in determining the overall success or failure. A minor shift in letters and numbers can help you get a favorable astral pattern whose energies will support you in materializing your goals. At AstroNupur, we offer business astrology to helps your business attract better leads and touch the new heights of success.  
  • Logo Suggestions/Analysis (Design/Colors) – The logo represents your brand. Its color, font, design, and other elements bear a significant influence on your brand’s overall success.  The recommendation for logo color largely depends on the business type. For instance, the soothing hues like green and blue are often recommended for pharmaceuticals. Incorporating relevant shades, design, patterns and font style in your logos, letter heads, visiting cards, and other marketing materials help to distinguish your brand from the competitors.
  • Phone Number Setting for Organization – Finding out a suitable contact number for your Startup organization using corporate numerology helps to boost your business plans and paves its path to success.  You can also find a lucky phone number for your business with the help of our numerology expert. Contact us now.
  • Business Address Numerology– Are you willing to shift your organization to a new place?  Every place has its own energies and vibrations. Through numerological calculations, experts can tell whether the energies of the location will resonate with your business type or not. Using numerology, our expert can examine the words and letter in your business address to determine the destiny of your business.
  • Shubh/Auspicious Dates for Starting New Ventures & Contracts – An expert numerologist can also determine important dates or specific times for important events such as signing a new business deal or starting a new venture. These numerological predictions are majorly based on certain ancient calculation methods that may be accurate and helpful. Still, it should never be considered as the final words.

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