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“You are my savior”, “Had you not counseled me, I would have never considered business as an option for me”, “I got the job before September, as you forecasted”, “Thanks for making me believe in myself, your suggestions are always so appropriate”. Such are the reviews of people who thank this astrologer based in Delhi, from the bottom of their hearts. Who’s she? She is Astro Nupur who holds the hand of natives in difficult times when they have lost all their hopes.

The outburst of Covid-19 hit the world badly, India too wasn’t spared. Poverty rates increased and the health system collapsed in Delhi. At the same time, staunch fans of astrology started digging on Google to get a consultation from the best astrologer in Delhi. A lot of astrologers are available on the internet but finding the one which provided actual insights was the need of the hour.

People were being duped by inexperienced astrologers in the city, it had become a common phenomenon that people were being cheated. They kept on trusting because of the fear of losing their valuable assets or people in their lives. There are ample genuine astrologers in Delhi so one must research over the internet about the genuineness of the astrologer.

In a recent case, a man lost his job and he was the sole bread earner in his family. He turned to an astrologer and spent a lot of his hard-earned money to ascertain as to when he will get another job to be able to fetch bread and butter for his family of seven members. But, all the money spent on that astrologer went in vain. But, he was an astrology aspirant and knew that he will get help through astrology, and hence, a friend recommended him to AstroNupur stating, “She’s a real astrologer who has proved her metal and you will definitely get relief.” He consulted AstroNupur on his friend’s suggestion and came to know that the reason behind his loss of job was the Antardasha of Rahu. She suggested some remedies and within two months he got a new job with an increase in his previous salary.

In this quest, a lot of natives contacted Astro Nupur, a lady astrologer in Delhi to show their horoscopes. AstroNupur uses various methods such as Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Prashan Kundali, Vaastu, etc, to ascertain the optimum results to their problems. She also provides counseling to people who have lost hope to lead a better life. A lot of people who approached her virtually and physically during the corona outbreak were relieved by the simple remedies that she provided. She is one of the famous astrologer in Delhi but provides relief to people all around the globe virtually.

If you are facing problems related to wealth, business, career, love, marriage, relationships, house, and more then you must consult AstroNupur who has been felicitated with the Number 2 position in Delhi by the Trending Newswala portal. AstroNupur comes up with an appropriate solution to aid people in leading their lives and give them a push to achieve the higher milestone.

The astrologer adds, that after she sees the positive changes in the lives of her clients, who are in crisis, she feels blessed to be able to help them.


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