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Are you overwhelmed with an Astrologer’s prediction about your life? Has Astrology helped you in taking decisions and resolved your problems?

Do you want to help others with their life decisions?

Then it’s time to learn Astrology!

We have launched a book Decode Astrology: Your Gateway to Cosmic Learning

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Learning Astrology can help you plan your life effectively. Imagine if a certain time isn’t favourable for you to buy property, get an admission in college, set up your business, neglecting health issues, plan a trip, etc., you can minimize the ill effects with the help of Astrology. 

To let everyone understand the real power of Astrology, has come up with two amazing courses for all; Astrology Fundamental course and Astrology advanced course. Let’s get into their details.

Course 1: Learn Astrology Fundamentals – Easy and Quick

With this course, an individual will be able to: 

  • Interpret and analyse any given birth chart as per Vedic Astrology.
  • Complete guidance in English and Hindi Languages.
  • Practical guidance through real-life examples. 

=> FREE E-Book with 90+ pages of extremely useful research to assist you.

 This course is extremely valuable for people who wish to make a career in astrology but seeking proper training for the same. 

But, Why AstroNupur? What’s our mission?

As it is said, zero-knowledge is better than incomplete knowledge. Incomplete knowledge is always dangerous. In the era of video, where a lot of people are teaching astrology for free, just for the sake of influencership, a concise and scatter-free course can do wonders for sincere students. 

With our course, you’ll get

  • Scatter free course material
  • Real-time analysis through examples
  • Doubt clearing session
  • Confidence and knowledge to analyse any birth chart and create remedial solutions for the same.

Our mission is to: 

  • Spread the real power of astrology across the globe 
  • Provide superior quality Astro-education
  • Implement step by step progress with the course to clear every single concept
  • Clear every single doubt during the course

We are quite excited to present you this one of its kind course which creates a strong foundation for every aspirant.

So, What is included in this course? (Introduction of Astrology)

Astrology is a science of prediction through celestial planetary movements. Astrology is involved in almost every aspect of an individual’s life. It is synonymous to the Sanskrit word “Jyotish” which means “light”. Hence, it takes a person towards the brighter part of their life while healing the Karma. 

  • Meaning of Vedic Astrology

You’ll get to know the eternal meaning of astrology. Why astrology plays an important role in our lives and how we can learn from our daily life and planetary movements. 

You’ll be well aware of the all 4 Vedas, their parts and their involvement in your life with respect to astrology.

With the basics of astrology, you’ll all also learn the history of the astrology and its significance since the ancient times

  • How efficient is Astrology and how to apply the same? 

Though Astrology is a science of prediction and future events, it has the power to control one’s actions, improve them and overcome the influence of Karma

You’ll get complete knowledge of applying and practising astrology for yourself and your future clients.

  • Difference between Indian and Western Astrology

Indian and Western Astrology are two different occult sciences and are based on different principles. 

With this course, you’ll learn the exact differences between these two methods of astrology and how & when to use them for clients’ benefits.

Karma Theory

A person’s actions are the Karma executed by him/her. They could be wise, silent or violent. The effect of malefic Karma can be suppressed with the help of Astrology. 

Type of Karma 

There are 4 types of Karma:

  • Sanchita Karma (or Accumulated Sum of karma)
  • Prarabdha Karma (or Fructifying Karma)
  • Kriyamana Karma (or Current Karma or Instant Karma)
  • Agami Karma (or Future Karma)

After completing this course, you’ll be able to analyse a person’s birth chart and mentor them with best practices and remedial solutions. 

Significance of Birth Chart

A birth chart is the blueprint of one’s life which denotes each and every instance of their life. With that said, a birth chart’s 12 houses signify a planet. While the planets could be malefic and benefic, their placements are pre-decided. 

However, the movement of these planets from one house to another brings fluctuations in one’s life. 

So, a birth chart can be analysed for multiple factors including wealth, finance, health, career, education, etc to decide the comfort and struggle in one’s life. 

  • Principles of Vedic Astrology and Yogas 

Vedic Astrology is composed of a lot of terminologies and beliefs. The principle of Astrology will guide you inclusions and outcomes of analysing a birth chart. With this Astrology foundation course, you’ll be able to easily understand, calculate, predict and analyse a birth chart with confidence. 

In this part, you’ll learn the significance of various planets. Astrologically, there are 9 planets which are the karaka of certain events in human life. There are a lot of stories from pauranik shastra which back the facts about these planets. It’s one of the most interesting parts of Astrology. 

You’ll also get to know about different zodiacs, how they are related to the planets, and what impact they make on your life considering various combinations.

To give an overview of the same, you’ll get to know about your Lagna, Moon Sign, Sun Sign, exalted and debilitated planets, drishti, types of Rajyoga including Vipreet Rajyoga, Neechbhang Rajyoga, Budh Aditya Yoga, Guru Chandal Yoga, etc. and other Astrological fundamentals explained in an extremely easy language. 

Introduction of Dasha and Mahadasha

The astrology foundation course will also guide you with the introduction of Dasha and Mahadasha. They are the significator of a particular period in one’s life which could either be malefic or benefic. This course will introduce you to deal with various terms and instances involved in evaluating a birth chart It includes:

  • Basis (Last Janam Karma)
  • Nakshatra 
  • Gandmool
  • Dasha Sequence 
  • Transit
  • Practical Interpretation with above Sutra            

So, if you are also an Astrology aspirant, you shouldn’t wait anymore and hop on to this course. You can always reach out to us on the given phone number and email.

Course 2: The Advanced Astrology Course by AstroNupur

Learning astrology can be a life-changing event for a lot of people. Once a person has cleared the Astrology foundation course, its time to move on to the advanced study of astrology. With the Advanced Astrology Course by AstroNupur, you’ll be able to deal with various combinations and events of an individual’s life. One can also prepare solutions for individual’s need specific queries.

The below list of inclusions will guide you with the course and how it can benefit you with the analysis of a birth chart with respect to various needs. 

  • Planetary Yoga and Combination 
  • Ashtakverga 
  • Interpretation of horoscope 
  • Marriage Prediction
  • Progeny Prediction 
  • Medical Astrology 
  • Extra-Marital Affairs 
  • Job/Business Astrology 
  • Advanced Dasha Interpretation 
  • Finance Astrology 
  • Foreign Settlement 

So, if you are good at analyzing a birth chart and wish to learn highly need distinct calculations, you must join the course now.

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