About Us

About AstroNupur

AstroNupur.com is a premium astrological entity of India. We cater all the astrological needs of a person and offer them access to our Astro expert.

We provide a range of consulting services that can help people to grow and seek peace in different spheres of life – be it finances, marriage, career, relationship and health etc. Apart from the Vedic Astrology, you can also seek expertise in ‘Tarot Card Reading’, ‘Numerology’, ‘Name Suggestion’, ‘Hand Writing Analysis’ & ‘Detailed chart reading’.

Through our user-friendly website, you can easily fix an appointment with our expert astrologer and can seek guidance on any problem of your life. Our organization firmly believes that proper astrological guidance can help people avoid serious mistakes in life and get over misfortunes. We believe in offering genuine astrological recommendations and suggest easy-to-follow Vedic remedies in the form of pooja, daan (charity), rudraksha, mantra jaap, & gemstone recommendation.

With our dedicated efforts and reliable services, astronupur.com has gained trust amongst people not just in India but in every part of the world. Our major client base is from India, UK, U.S.A, U.A.E, Australia and Brazil and it’s increasing with every passing day. We have managed to keep a good track record and we assure 100% confidentiality to all clients’ information.

About Nupur Chaurasia

Nupur Chaurasia is a well-known name in the Astrology sector and our astrologer at astronupur.com. Her aura and acclaim are not limited to the Vedic knowledge but she also has a deep knowledge of Tarot, Numerology, Gemology and Handwriting Analysis.

She has a dedicated list of clients who regularly consult her before taking important decisions in their life. Astro Nupur helps people of all faith, religion and background to seek solutions and answers associated with complex factors of their life. Using her extensive experience, the knowledge of sacred Vedas and the powers of Vedic rituals, she positively affects the lives of people who approach her.

Astrologer Nupur Chaurasia started her career in astrology at a very young age. She holds a ‘Degree in Astrology’ and she actively participates in the Astrological seminars and conferences held all across India. She has a huge experience in Corporate Astrology and is engaged with the reputed organization.

On personal front, she is a very enthusiastic and cheerful person who patiently listens to people and motivates them to do the best in their life. Most of our clients have hugely appreciated her consultation sessions and have experienced its benefits in their lives. Her recommendations give a remarkably positive change if the person follows them properly with a positive mindset and faith. Her dedication and honesty have made her a renowned figure in the field of astrology.

For a Personalized Astro Consultation Session with Astrologer Nupur Chaurasia, contact us on info@astronupur.com.