Detailed Study

An individual’s life is surrounded by a lot of aspects which become an integral part of their life. Each and every spike and fall in their daily life is an outcome of celestial movements and the karma possessed by them. 

From the ancient times to the modern era, Astrology has been prevailing in a variety of instances. With the advancement of technology, reaching out to an expert astrologer has been eased out to a huge level.

Why consultations are better than printed reports?

With that said, computer experts have managed to prepare birth charts through computer systems along with remedial solutions. Though computer software is designed to take utmost care, consulting an astrologer always holds an advantage. 

While talking to an expert astrologer, you come across a lot of queries out of answered questions. You won’t find the solutions to your every query in a computer generated report and this is the fact that makes us different. A detailed discussion over the call lets you have the personalised analysis of your horoscope that heals your specific pain points. Hence catering you the exact solutions and remedies.

Why Consulting an expert astrologer beneficial?

Have you ever prepared your exams on your own? You may have scored really well but have you observed anything different compared to preparing for exams with your teacher?

  • Faster Results
  • Easier Calculations
  • Less time required to understand the topic
  • You need not check the facts time and again
  • You can bank upon your learning without any confusion

So why did this happen? Because your teacher is an experienced person with complete knowledge about the subject. Similarly, one should always consult an expert astrologer like Nupur Chaurasia to have a highly accurate prediction of your birth chart and remedial measures.

As everybody has a varied taste and lifestyle, people come up with the minutest to major problems in their life. While astrology itself can predict so much about one’s life, it can be backed by a lot of other aspects.

With the aim of delivering the maximum and best astrological service, we have come up with 2 Detailed Study Services to provide you the best astrology experience and solutions.. Let’s a have a look:


Consultation Charges

For Online Consultation

Consultation Type: Call or Chat

Consultation Duration: 40-45 Minutes

Detailed Study Part 1 – Vedic Astrology

We understand that you may have a lot of questions for your life related issues. Hence, our first astrological study will cater you with detailed and in-depth analysis of different aspects of your life. Here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Astrological Analysis of your birth chart

An individual’s horoscope depends upon the celestial planetary movements and Karma. We’ll analyse your horoscope with the maximum precision to serve you with the right solution

  • Palmistry Analysis

Our hand or palm secures a lot of information and can be used for prediction. This way it can help out in getting important data about your life and can verify a lot of details.

  • Remedial Measures

With every problem comes a solution. You’ll get  remedial solutions for all the ill effects in your birthchart. Our remedial solutions have been praised time and again and we are going strong with accurate calculations and solutions. 

You’ll be allocated 40-45 minutes of time that you can utilise to ask as many as 7 questions. These questions may relate to your

  • Love life
  • Finances and wealth issues
  • Family issues
  • Health issues
  • Career problems and frequent job changes
  • Marriage and relationship issues

And a lot of other life issues.

This service will let you open up your extreme doubts with us and will bring more confidence in your life.

Detailed Study Part 2 – Vedic and Numerology Analysis Service

In addition to the first part of detailed horoscope study, the detailed study 2 will have a good number of features. Below are the services included in this service.

  • Numerology

Numerology is the science of celestial numbers. It is widely used to generate preferable names, numbers, and favourable periods for an individual. The methods of calculating your horoscope by Numerology is proven and practiced to support astrology.

  • Signature and Handwriting analysis and correction

Your signature decides your wit in the corporate and personal world. However a wrong signature may break your steps and move you towards failure. Similarly, a person’s handwriting says a lot of things about a person and if it shows any ill signs, it should be treated immediately. The combination of your signature and handwriting can make you a money bag.

  • Lucky Colors

Now this is something that excites a lot of people. People are really fond of getting their favorite color as their lucky. But it may not happen. A good color analyzer can guide for the same after evaluating your birth chart thoroughly.  

  • 5 Questions | 40-45 Minutes (Ask Any Question) – Horoscope Reading

You’ll get 40-45 minutes of time frame in which you can ask upto 7 questions for any specific issue in your life. Be it love relation, wealth, finance, job, business, career, family, kids, etc. With this, we’ll suggest you your lucky number, color, and suitable remedies along with your signature and handwriting analysis and correction (if required).

So, if you are also going through a tough phase in life, you should go ahead and take this service.


Consultation Charges

For Online Consultation

Consultation Type: Call or Chat

Consultation Duration: 40-45 Minutes