Subscription Plan

Subscription: Plan

Astrology completely depends upon the planetary movements and individual’s karma. The planets keep moving from one house to another in your birth chart. However, Each planet moves with its own speed. Hence, some planets move fast while others move slow.

With the Monthly Subscription service, you’ll get the answers to your monthly events, You’ll get:

  1. 30 min long discussion on call
  2. Vedic Astrology, Numerology and Tarot card reading
  3. Required Remedial solutions
  4. Lucky day and lucky zodiac
  5. Investment related guidance
  6. Remedies on WhatsApp
  7. And a lot more…

This service is a one stop solution for all your need related to career, business, finances, jobs, health, family, etc. They’ll be very beneficial for people who

  1. Are into Business
  2. Are Students
  3. Doing Job
  4. Have Startups, Or any individual who wants to know about his or her horoscope on a monthly basis.

One can choose any of the services out of the below mentioned. They carry highly effective solutions for your daily and monthly workouts and help you to keep balance between your personal and professional aspects.

Aadhar: Your 3-Month Astrology Service @ Rs. 7,100/-

Aadhar carries the most affordable plan for your Astrological analysis. It is the best solution provider for students preparing for exams or people in need of a job on an urgent basis, etc. This service will help you understand the detailed side of your birth chart and guide you to manage your day to day life. This service consist of:

  1. Once in a month discussion on call for 30 Minutes (You can have this during the start or end of the month). We recommend you to use this call for your maximum benefit.
  2. We’ll cater you with remedial solutions if required along with valuable tips.

Note: An additional transactional charge (7%) applicable for Payment made from currency except INR

Rs. 7,100

Maulik: Your 6-Month Astrology and Numerology Service @ Rs. 15,100/-

Maulik is the next level of Aadhar and has add on features. With Maulik, you’ll get Numerology analysis as well along with Vedic Astrological analysis. As a whole, it is a great offering for startups and early age businesses as they must be laying the foundation of their business and an expert astrologer’s analysis will help them take balanced steps. This service includes:

  1. Talk to our astrologers for 30 mins. (You can avail this at the beginning or end of the month to plan your days accordingly)
  2. Numerological Analysis (Suggestions for lucky days, numbers, colors, etc.)
  3. Answers to your query on whatsapp as well.
  4. Effective remedial solutions for all problems.

Note: An additional transactional charge (7%) applicable for Payment made from currency except INR

Rs. 15,100

Unnat: Your 9-Month Astrology and Numerology Service @ Rs. 18,100/-

The Unnat service is one of the most popular services. It’ll take you through your life events as per Vedic Astrology and numerological analysis. The best part of this service is the number of interactions that you’ll have with our expert astrologer. If you have a keen interest in frequent investments or you are in a seasonal business, you’ll be the most benefited out of this service. With Unnat, you’ll get:

  1. Twice in a month Discussion (30 mins each) – You can talk to our astrologer two times in a month and plan for the entire month at the beginning of the same. This planning/analysis will let you decide positive factors for your growth and success.
  2. You’ll receive answers to your queries on WhatsApp as well.
  3. If required, our astrologer will suggest you suitable remedies as well
  4. With the help of Numerological analysis, you’ll also get investment related guidance.

Note: An additional transactional charge (7%) applicable for Payment made from currency except INR

Rs. 18,100

Uttam: Your 12-Month Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot Service @ Rs. 25,100/ Vedic + Numerology + Tarot

Uttam is the supreme service offered here. With Uttam, you’ll have your birth chart analysed as per Astrology, Numerology and Tarot Cards. This analysis lets you have the most precise information about your destiny with maximum benefits. People who strongly believe in delivering the best everytime should avail this service. This service includes:

  1. Twice in a month Discussion – Our astrologer will talk to you 2 times in a month and will assist you in planning your entire month’s activity to maximise growth and success.
  2. You’ll also get all the answers to your queries on WhatsApp
  3. We’ll suggest you your lucky days, lucky zodiac, and Tarot Card analysis. You can customise this service as per your need as well.
  4. Our expert astrologer will guide you for investment related decisions a as well with the help of Numerology
  5. You’ll get all necessary remedial solutions as well.

Note: An additional transactional charge (7%) applicable for Payment made from currency except INR

Rs. 25,100

We hope these services must have excited you. Here, we would like you to note a few things which are not part of any of these services.

  1. These services do not include Match Making. However, you can avail our Matchmaking service by clicking here.
  2. The name and spelling check for new born babies is not included in this service.
  3. These services do not include Corporate Numerology.