About Certifications- AstroNupur

The acclaimed Indian certified astrologer, Nupur Chaurasia has been practicing astrology for over eleven years. 

  • Jyotish Praveena: An M.Com in Finance, she kick-started her career in Astrology after completing the Jyotish Praveena course in April 2011 from INDIAN COUNCIL FOR ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCES. This is a one-year Astrology foundation course. The foundations of astrology are laid out in this course. Basic astronomy, horoscope casting, and essential knowledge of the zodiac, planets, and houses are all covered in this course. Basic delineation skills are also taught in order to determine the horoscope’s strength.

Jyotish Praveena

  • Handwriting Analysis: Along with it, she also learned hand-writing analysis in the same year from INSTITUTE OF MYSTIQUE SCIENCES. It basically analyzes the signature and writing style of the individual. The handwriting speaks bouts about the personalities of individuals- from being sharp to being shy!Handwriting Analysis
  • Numerology: After this, this lady astrologer decided to pursue a course in Numerology from INSTITUTE OF MYSTIQUE SCIENCES in 2011.   The course helped her to determine the native’s strengths and shortcomings. The goal is to use numeric energy to investigate and raise the strength parameters. This science of numerology allows one to explain occurrences in his life using numbers that are associated or linked to him.


  • Palmistry: She then completed her course in Palmistry in June 2011 from INDIAN COUNCIL FOR ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCES. Palmistry is analyzing a person’s hands that can reveal information about his or her personality, wealth, and future. Chiromancy is another name for it. Character qualities, health, prosperity, wisdom, career, marriage, and many other aspects of a person’s life can be predicted by reading the lines on their hands.


  • Jyotish Visharad: She added another feather to her cap by completing Jyotish Visharad in October 2011 from INDIAN COUNCIL FOR ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCES. The complex topics and various streams of astrology are highlighted in this advanced course. Horary, Medical Astrology, Marriage, Longevity, and other topics bolster the practical side of astrology. Mundane astrology has a broader scope because it deals with the entire universe rather than the individual.

Jyotish Visharada

  • Tarot Card: Her enthusiasm to learn Occult Tarot led her to join a course in Tarot Card in 2015. Tarot Card reading is a cosmic approach to predicting the future by using Tarot Cards. A tarot deck is made up of 78 cards, each of which has a unique meaning. You can predict a person’s future occurrences and take advantage of future possibilities with the help of Tarot Reading.

Tarot Reading

  • Jyotish Maharishi: With god’s grace, Nupur has been awarded the title of Jyotish Maharishi in March 2022 from Raaba Media & Groups. She is now well-versed in the intricate relationship between cosmic and human existence, as portrayed in the Vedic discipline of Jyotish from a modern scientific stance. Today, she is one the top professional astrologers in India having clientele from all over the world!

Jyotish Maharishi