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Do you want to learn Astrology and analyse birth charts in just 15 Days!

Why is Astrology important?

Astrology has been time and again proving itself as the profound science of prediction which can accurately foresee the future and happenings. It has been practiced worldwide and finds its roots in India.

Global celebrities, politicians, conglomerates, industry owners, corporates, etc. have taken the benefit of astrology to predict what’s in for their future and how they can plan for better opportunities. Astrology is based on the movement of celestial bodies and their impact on an individual’s life. The concepts of Astrology have been proven scientifically as well. Read our Article on

Birth Chart Analysis
Planning your Life
Create Your Distinct Identity

As per Vedic Astrology, the universe has 9 Grah (Planets), 12 Rashi (Zodiacs) and 27 Nakshatras (Constellations). When a human takes birth, the blueprint of the universe at the time of a person’s birth becomes his or her natal chart.

This natal chart is the destiny of that individual which is the accumulation of his/her previous deeds. One can always improve the effects of past deeds which are narrated in the karma theory. Hence, Astrology lets us plan our life in the best way possible. Our Dailyhunt profile

Decode Astrology- Your Gateway to Cosmic Learning

123 pages | 5 Sections | 15 Days | Zero to Hero Case Studies | Learn to analyse any birth chart | Know Your Role in this Universe

What’s Decode Astrology – Your GateWay to Cosmic Learning?

“Decode Astrology – Your Gateway to Cosmic Learning” is the outcome of Astrologer Nupur Chaurasia’s 10+ years of practice and hard work. She has worked on numerous birth charts before writing this book. The outcome is so magical that you can learn to analyse a birth chart within 15 days. This book has 123 pages and is crafted so beautifully to keep you busy in gaining maximum knowledge in one go.

Why do you need this book right now?
5 Benefits

1. Accurate and precise birth chart analysis

2. Strengthens your Astrology foundation

3. Easy to understand

4. Real-life examples and case studies

5. Detailed Study of Yoga (Exclusive)

What’s inside this book?

“Decode Astrology – Your Gateway to Cosmic Learning” is divided into 5 parts:


1. Introduction to Astrology

– Know about ancient Veda in detail and how Astrology took its shape across the centuries.

– How can Karma actually get your sinking ship back on the surface?

– How can you use Astrology for your personal and professional purposes?

– How Indian Astrology is different from Western Astrology?


2. Role of Planets & Zodiacs

– How can planets be your best friends and enemies? Know your planets and their sequence.

– Know which planet is causing you benefits and which one is chasing you.

– How are planets interrelated?

– Why do planets aspect each other?

– How are Zodiacs divided?


3. Application of Bhava

– How your ascendent is the decider of your fate?

– Significance of Sun and Moon Signs.

– Different houses in your birth chart and their Significance.

– Kalapurush: How zodiacs are related to your body parts?


4. Planet Yoga

– Different Yogas and their role in your life (including Raj Yoga)

– Important deciding factors for Yoga formation


5. Dasha and Mahadasha

– Know your last birth’s karma

– Detailed Dasha sequence analysis

– Nakshatra and Gandmool

– How do planets transit and affect an individual?

So much detailing in one book!
Grab you copy Now and start analysing birth charts.

Know your Mentor

Astrologer Nupur Chaurasia is a learned astrologer, Jyotish Visharad and Jyotish Praveena from Indian Council of Astrological Science (ICAS). She has a massive interest in reading books and is a profound worshipper of Mahadev. She has been practicing Astrology for the last 10+ years and is a favourite of her patrons. She has been receiving accolades from various conglomerates, professionals and senior astrologers. Being a Taurian, she is very confident with her motive of providing the best astrology education and has put in a lot of hard work and research behind writing this book.

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