Significance Of Kundali Or Horoscope Matching In Marriages

Horoscopes are still a topic of much debate when it comes to their accuracy. There is, however, one thing both sides agree on: marriage. When it comes to relationships, horoscopes often take center stage for the prediction and understanding of how two people’s lives will unfold. Many believe the compatibility between two people’s stars plays an integral role in how well they last with each other despite all odds. The reason behind this is that how two people get along with each other innately reflects their stars. 

In a world where everything is moving at a record pace, marriage has seen more ups and downs. However, couples who paid attention to the signs of the stars understood clearly how they could manipulate the relationship in ways they were not familiar with before. Hence, they opt for astrology consultation. Moreover, people resort to Kundali Milan online if they aren’t able to visit an astrologer offline.

Do you know how many couples have broken up because of no mutual understanding? When you listen to the stars, it’s just a matter of having the common sense and intelligence to see what they’ve got to say. In a way, their message will always be clear even if at times it seems quiet. Your relationship may go through highs and lows, but your stars will always tell you something about what’s coming next.

Kundali Milan

Why is kundali matching online not sufficient? 

Sometimes guns of the two natives match perfectly i.e. more than 18 guns out of 36 yet there are cases of divorce! Reaching out to a learned astrologer like AstroNupur is really important to check whether the kundali matches perfectly or not. Let us explain this with the help of certain examples:

  • There are cases where there’s an existence of Nadi Dosh in horoscopes. But such dosh can be removed and the couple can marry. For this cancellation process, the nitty-gritty can only be explained by an astrologer.
  • There are cases when a Manglik wants to marry a non-Manglik, here also software can’t help.
  • Apart from seeing the guns, mahadasha and planetary positions are also required to be matched between the horoscopes of the two natives to ensure a long-lasting and successful marriage.

Is Kundli matching necessary for love marriages?

Kundli is a Hindu astrology method, which can predict compatibility and incompatibility between the natives. Kundli matchmaking is an ancient art and science that originated in India, which can give us a glimpse of the future of an individual as well as their life partner. It tests the compatibility between two horoscopes and tells us whether or not they are made for each other. According to astrology, the matching of two horoscopes is a very important aspect while conducting a love marriage too.

For example, if your Kundli is matched with your desired partner’s Kundli and you believe that this person is your soulmate, you want to marry them but in horoscope matching it comes out that the two natives are not compatible with each other and advises not to go ahead with the wedding. This situation may put you in a fix. Would you still marry that person? Will there be any remedies possible to get married to him or her?

If you are seeking a love marriage then it is important that you get your horoscopes matched with your partner’s horoscope. This will provide you with a fair idea of how your married life may shape up and what future obstacles lay ahead of your rosy relationship. In case your horoscopes don’t match you need to consult a learned astrologer like AstroNupur who shall help you with the remedies to remove such obstacles.

The true essence of relationships

While we try to spend our time with more people that bring out the best in us, sometimes we tend to indulge in relationships with strangers, without taking the time to find a quality individual. Sometimes these relationships end up being toxic and harmful. It’s so easy for us to put our needs above others, but you must take the time and invest your emotions into the correct person for you. Whether or not your significant other is perfect, make sure you can see their good qualities before investing yourself further into them.

We all want someone that will give us the love and affection that we need. It’s so easy to find a significant other, but it is difficult to find somebody that will make you happy.  Only those who are kind, caring, and loving should be able to get into a romantic relationship with you. There is an important lesson we all should learn from our past relationships.  It is better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all. Vedic astrology helps us find whether that person is meant for us or not.

The Bottom Line

It seems that as we become a more progressive society, horoscope matching has become a turning point in terms of exploring the partner’s horoscope. With the increase in the number of divorce cases, horoscopes are now almost being taken into account by either the couple or the family. This has become quite prevalent, especially among different cultures. In many cases, horoscopes are even used as a tool for compatibility purposes during relationships, and sometimes even incorporated into wedding ceremonies. The significance of a horoscope in marriages is not always obvious for most people though. 

While some people think that horoscopes are a method for the stars to influence your life, others think that it is all about fortune-telling. No matter what you may feel about horoscopes, it is undeniable that it has been used as a science long before anyone else ever thought of using the stars to tell fortunes. The science behind this belief though is completely different from what most people believe.

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