Pitra Dosh: All you need to know about its Causes, Effects, and Remedies!

Are you curious about knowing what exactly is Pitra Dosh? Well, don’t worry we have got you covered! Pitra Dosh is a karmic debt of the ancestors. A well-learned astrologer like AstroNupur can easily ascertain it by having a look at the horoscope as it is reflected in the Kundli is a form of the various planetary combinations. Indeed, the person having Pitra dosha in his Kundli is liable to pay for the deeds. The dosha that reflects from the deeds of ancestors may exist due to the knowing or unknowing bad karmas done by a forefather during his or her life. There are various other factors too due to which your kundali has Pitra Dosh. Read on to know more!


  1. Unknowing bad karmas of our ancestors/children in earlier life, knowingly or unknowingly.
  2. Untimely or accidental death, whereby some of the wishes or desires of the deceased might have remained unfulfilled. 

It is believed that in the month of Pitru Paksha, the lord of death grants freedom to all the souls to visit their own people & accept the offerings of their children, so many people offer sharad to their ancestors by feeding the Brahmins and performing the rituals with utmost sincerity and faith to pay respect. Contact us for Astrology Consultation Online

Which planets in the horoscope show the presence of pitra dosh?

Pitra dosha in the horoscope is caused by the influence of the planet Sun. Actually, the Sun is related to one’s ancestor. The conjunction of Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu is considered malefic for Sun. In such a situation, if the Sun has a conjunction with these planets, then Pitra Dosh is created in the horoscope of the native. Let’s explain this with help of some examples: 

Example1: In the first horoscope, Ketu is situated with the Moon in the third house. At the same time, there is a combination of Rahu, Sun, and Jupiter in the ninth house. The ninth house is called the house of luck. Along with this, the 9th house is the house of the father, this house also becomes very important. Here, Jupiter is being afflicted by Rahu, due to which Pitra Dosh is being created.

Example 2: Rahu and Ketu are placed in the fourth and tenth houses of the second horoscope. Ketu is in conjunction with Lagna lord Venus in the 4th house. At the same time, Rahu is situated with Moon in the 10th house. Both Ascendant and Moon are affected here, hence Pitra Dosh is taking place.


  • Donate money and red /yellow clothes to Brahmins and perform Pitru Tarpan on a Sunday of Sankranti or Amavasya.
  • The native must go for Pitra Dosh Nivaran puja which comprises Tripindi Shradh and Pitra Visarjan.
  • Wheat charity on amavasya and on eclipses, charity on death anniversaries of forefathers, and offering black urad dal.
  • Natives should offer water to their pitras for 15 days during the shradh or on the tithi his/her ancestors expired.
  • Also, offering water to the Banyan tree and lord Shiva daily further minimizes the negative effects of Pitra Dosh in the Kundli.
  • Helping the poor and needy in your own capacity helps unconditional services to parents and old age people, worshiping Lord Vishnu, especially the form of Sri Ram helps to minimize the effects of pitra dosh.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q 1: What are the effects of Pitra Dosh 

Ans: The native might suffer from various hardships of life such as child abortions, no male child in the family, lack of interest in business, education, or profession in family members even though they are highly qualified to do so, lack of interest in marriage, children born with abnormalities, mental illness in a family member, frequent illness, loss of reputation, dreaming about snake bitting, etc.


Q 2: What are the causes of Pitra Dosh?

Ans: The ancestors might have been involved in the following:

  • Treating someone with cruelty or torturing/abusing killing humans or animals. 
  • Stealing something or snatching someone who is legally not yours
  • Accumulation of wealth by wrongful means
  • Abusing anyone mentally, physically, or sexually.
  • Wrongdoings in the past

The Bottom Line

I hope this information may help you. If you are worried about Pitra Dosh in your kundali, don’t panic indeed try to be genuine and true, empathize even with animals, donate as much as possible and do not indulge in a fight or spread anger, never kill animals. This will eradicate all the evil karmas. For a detailed horoscope reading please feel free to contact us and we will get you covered! Read detailed article on Dailyhunt

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