Numerology: How Can Startups, Corporates and Individuals Get Positive Results? (Assured Benefits)

Numerology is another deep science of prediction after Astrology. It is also one of the oldest metaphysical communication and reading that create a rare yet evolving relation between universal energies and human.

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Unlike Astrology where zodiac signs are involved, Numerology is the prediction science that involves numerology numbers and their correlation with the human being. An individual’s fate can be decided using various numerical calculations that may involve the date of birth, time of birth, name numerology letter and their significant numbers, etc. These numbers and calculation resonates around the native and forms an aura that has the ability to make or break the fortune.





Numerology is applicable to almost everything that makes sense for future growth. It is one of the most reliable deciding systems to energize the aura and brings positivity around the native. Let’s see who can get benefited with Numerology:

Corporates and Startups:

Where a lot of money is involved, success shouldn’t come by chance. Corporates and startups are usually the brainchildren of highly sharp minds and such ventures are formed to stay for long and build profits.

Starting up with a new business has always been a dream for its founder. Though, the failure and success may come irrespective of the hard work and focus applied behind building their corporate empire. Sometimes the hard work goes in the wrong direction and ruins up everything.

Numerology can heal up such issues very effectively. Naming the corporate’s name is a big thing and Numerology can add magic to the overall functioning and success of the business. Numerology can be applied to a number of things related to business:

  • Business/Company name
  • Brand’s name
  • Owner’s Name
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email IDs
  • Logo Design
  • Colours Used (Physical and Digital workstations)
  • Tender and Launch Dates
  • And a lot of other aspects.

To get a perfect balance of everything via Numerology, all these factors play major roles. They need to be compatible with each other. If there is any gap or disbalance in the same, Numerology can heal that by suggesting the most suitable remedy to get your business boosted.

A startup should be filed for legal formalities and copyrights only once the Numerological remedies have been carried out. This way, you can feel the positivity and see rising business graph from the initial days itself.


The world is full of hardworking and struggling people but success comes only to a few ones. This could be a prewritten fate but it can be healed through Numerology. To make it precise, Numerology in individual terms can be divided into two type

  • Numerology for struggling people

There are a lot of successful people in the corporate industry and even in Bollywood who have changed their name from the original one and have been breaking their own records.

A learned Numerologist can make out a thorough calculation with the native’s name and suggest either an alternate name or alteration/correction in the current name. To name a few famous people who benefitted from this include Akshay Kumar who changed his name from Rajiv Bhatia. Also, Aditya Singh Sisodiya is a famous rapper in India who is well known by the name Badshah. These people are currently ruling their respective industry.

  • Numerology for Young Parents

The current generation is more focused on career and academics and hence they expect a similar thing from their kids. It is very common to see young parents worrying about their child’s fate. Consulting an expert Numerologist about the name suggestions for their newborn can bring great results.

This activity is very beneficial as it can align the right path for the baby in terms of education, health, career, social life and achieving various other success milestones.

Moreover, parents can decide if they want their kid to be good at sports, academics, business, or any other field and the Numerologist can suggest them the name as per that.

If you are willing to have a thorough and result oriented Numerological analysis for you or your startup, AstroNupur is one of the finest names in the country. She has been practising Numerology for many years and her experience has placed a lot of people from zero to spikes.

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Q1. What is Numerology?

Numerology is the prediction science which is based on numbers. As per this science, the whole universe is built of numbers where each and every number has certain energies that decide the fate attached to any given thing.

Q2. How do I figure out what my Numerology Number is?

To identify your life path number as per numerology birth date, you need to add all the numbers in your date of birth and bring the result to a number between 1 to 9.

For example: If you were born on 21 June 1990, then sum up all the numbers in it (2+1+6+1+9+9+0). This brings the result as 28. Adding them again (2+8) gets the number 10. Add them again and you’ll get your life path number as 1.

Q3. Do corporates and startups get benefitted by Numerological analysis?

Yes, there is rarely any corporate who didn’t get results out of numerological analysis for their brand name and corporate structure. Numerology works great for startups and corporates and can suggest the best remedy for various aspects including logo, colours, office setups, email ID, phone numbers, etc.

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