Medical Astrology: How Your Health and Astrology is Coupled

Medical Astrology has roots in India since ages. It has proved to be useful and scientific. Its significance in medicine has been significant too. A lot of illnesses and diseases still don’t have treatment as per medical science. But, the connection between astrological planets and their transit to various diseases dates back to the sage-age. Man and universe can’t be from each other. Thereby, the sages were the first ones to connect astrology with medicine. But, due to the different languages and scripts that prevailed in India, their knowledge couldn’t reach today’s generation. 

The astrological approach failed to be backed by a scientific approach that couldn’t match the Preditictive Medical Astrology Zone. Medical astrology is a valuable diagnostic tool that leads to speedy and long-lasting remedies. For instance, if a person knows that the Sun is not positioned in the proper house and is likely to suffer from diseases related to stomach, bones, heart diseases, etc. In such circumstances he can take precautions such as he can offer water to Sun and lead a normal healthy life. 

The Vedic age identified 12 different parts of the human body with 12 zodiac signs based on medical astrology. The medical astrology, in fact, is as complex as other some other form of astrology. The Astro bodies are represented by the houses, the signs, and the planets. Ancient men studied the movement of different planets and their impact on human bodies. According to medical astrology, every phase of the human body is controlled by 12 different houses inhabited by the astral bodies. 

Any adverse or malefic effect of these bodies results in diseases to that specific part of the human body.characteristics. For example, if your Mars is badly afflicted you might suffer blood-related diseases.

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Medical astrology enables you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of one’s body parts. It helps to know if the individual is prone to a certain disease or suffers from such nutritional insufficiencies. This all is predicted on the basis of the natal chart. The characteristics of the different signs and planets can be linked to specific types of health problems and their influence on human health. It also affects the mental state of mankind. Although diseases are more or less connected with the physiological difference from normal well-being, it’s real significance can’t fully be understood. 

Astrology is bi-fold and can be understood in the following ways:

  • When adverse planets indicate the influences of the occurrence of a disease in the near future. The medical science is absolutely silent on it.
  • It can often predict the organ in which the illness might occur or the region where medical science remains mum.

The good medical astrologers after reading the horoscope can predict the time when a person is going to fall sick or will suffer from that disease. Health astrology helps the patient to take some preventives measures. But in the case of medical science, doctors are unable to tell or predict future diseases. The medicinal astrology helps one know their fate. We don’t suggest that one should stop taking his regular medical treatment. But, should also add medical astrology to his bucket list. 

An understanding of these along with that of the operational periods is all that is required from a decent medical astrologer. This is where the experience and judgment of an astrologer come into play.


Medical astrology is a part of Vedic astrology that lets you understand the effects of various zodiac signs on humans. The astrologers who are well versed can correlate the illness of an individual with that of the planetary movement of the person’s horoscope. They can even create a drug horoscope for the person. 

If you are worried about your medical conditions, opt for an astrologer who is apt in interpreting planetary positions and movements. Even if you are suffering from genetic or chronic disease, a good astrologer will predict the suitable remedies for the overall health. But, remember that he/she must have deep and sound knowledge of the science of astrology. 

If we missed out on anything or to know more about medical astrology do let us know in the comment section below!

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