Love Horoscope: How do Astrologers Predict Love Affair in Astrology?

Everyone wants a suitable partner in their life. Few get and a few don’t. You might meet your perfect someone before or after marriage. It all depends upon your horoscope. Also, love has been on the planet as long as humans have been around on this planet. Neither humans nor gods and goddesses can protect them from the effects of love. The number of love affairs and relationships have increased over the years since men and women work together.

There are specific yogas which cause people to fall in love. You may be attracted towards someone when the Dasha of the lord of the ascendant is running in a Janma Kundali. Love life astrology can help you determine the time when you will fall in love with someone special.

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You must be wondering how love horoscope reading will help you? Well, the issues related to love are analyzed through the fifth house of the Kundali of a person. It is a high probability that a person may fall in love when he is under the influence of the Dasha of the fifth lord or the Dasha of a planet placed in the fifth house. Moreover, in Vedic astrology, marriage is predicted by analyzing the seventh house. If the Dasha of the seventh lord or the Dasha of planets placed in the seventh house is present, then also there are chances that the person may fall in love.

Also, the Ninth house is five houses ahead of the fifth house. The Dasha of the ninth house lord or the Dasha of a planet placed in the ninth house can also let love enter your life.

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Marriage has been one of the most important institutions in society since ages. But, it isn’t just the union of two souls. It is the union of two families. Getting married is a complicated process. Some people also consider as a gamble as finding the right partner is difficult as well as important for a successful marriage. We are now living in a time when love marriages happen just as often as arranged marriages do. It is no longer a battle of the Old Guard and the new generation. But it is true that we will marry the person we are destined to be with. And the study of astrology, palmistry, etc. can help us figure out what destiny has in store for the concerned person. Are you ready to take a leap of faith and find out what awaits your married life? We have got you covered! Consult AstroNupur. She is here to help you with love live astrology and love horoscope tarot reading.

Love or arranged marriage?

Often at times, one wonders which form of marriage is ideal for him. The one that has been a part of our society for generations or the one which is more modern and independent. Well, arranged marriage is a concept that was brought into existence to ensure that economic and socially acceptable matches were made. Love was a secondary issue. The prime concern was to make sure that both the families don’t suffer in this arrangement.

With time, of course, this concept has changed. Men and women both have an opinion in who they marry. Yet, it lacks the independence and free-thinking decisions that characterize love marriages. In modern times it is a union of souls, based mainly on love and compatibility. In an ideal love marriage, the understanding is that you know the person you are marrying. However, as statistics show, they often end in divorce. But does that mean that it is a failed model?

The truth is, no it isn’t a failed model. Every individual is subjected to their own fate. Thus, what will suit one, might not fit the other. Astrology, numerology, tarot card and other similar studies concerning signs and stars often try to find the answers to questions about one’s fate. Who knows, maybe knowing your fate through astro consultation will help you make better decisions?

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Love Horoscope Reading

Love horoscope reading helps in getting relationship prediction based on date of birth and natal chart. A natal chart is a diagram which shows positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets at the time of concerned person’s birth. As per Astrology, these positions influence our character and destiny. A general understanding of the Vedic Birth chart through an astrology consultant will help you better understand the astrological indicators.

All 12 houses of the birth chart signifies a specific part of your life. The seventh house is the house of marriage. The second, fifth and eighth house also influence some aspects of your marriage. The placement of the planets like Venus, Jupiter, and Mars, is also significant in affecting your married life.


Q.1: How to know whether I will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Answer: The fifth house is considered the house of love. In order to determine whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged one, the fifth house needs to be analyzed. 

Marriage also depends upon the relationship between Venus and Mars in your natal chart. It determines how you will get married. Ninth house, the house of fortune, as the name suggests controls all your fortunes. 

Q.2: Can astrology help in choosing the right partner?

Answer: Yes, it can help you in choosing the right partner. It will help you analyze the various aspects of life with an appropriate match. It will let you know whether the gunas with the concerned person match or not.

Q.3: What can be the reasons for delay in marriage?

Answer: Usually, the delay in marriage is because of the malefic influence found in the 7th House, the 7th House Lord and the planet Venus. The planet Jupiter holds control over marriage, wisdom and fortune. If Jupiter is found to be retrograde, combusted or debilitated, it can cause delay in marriage. Mangal Dosha is also considered to be one of the reasons for delay in marriage. Malefic planets like Saturn if found occupying the 7th House or Mars if found occupying the 8th house could cause late marriage and detachment from the materialistic world.

Q.4: What can be the astrological reasons for early marriage?

Answer: You can tie the knot at an early age if the lord of ascendant and lord of marriage are auspicious and mutual friends. Also, if the auspicious Moon is posited in the 7th house and getting support of auspicious planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury.

Q.5: What planetary positions compel extra marital affair?

Answer: If more than one planet is placed in the 7th house then extramarital affair is indicated. Another reason could be that planet Venus is afflicted and conjoins with more than one planet.  When the planet Jupiter is afflicted, 4th house and 4th lord is afflicted and the 7th lord and 7th house is conjoined with more than one planet, then there is a high probability that you will have an extramarital affair.

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