Job or Business? Which one should I choose ?

Choosing a profession, opting for a job or business is a significant decision of anyone’s life. Everyone at one point or more faces this dilemma of continuing a job or going for a business. Indeed, they are often confused between government jobs and private jobs. This complex riddle of choosing between job and business can be best solved through astrology but depends upon the astrologer who you might consider consulting. 

What astrological combinations decide for final selection between a job and business?

Astrologers reading only the Lagna chart of the native are likely to make an error while advising him or her to finalise a profession. But one needs to see different charts, house and astrological combinations for the final decision between job and business. Meet top Astrologer in Delhi

Ascendant: Although ascendant doesn’t make a vital impact when it comes to knowing about your field of education. Taking important decisions of life, about either of the two, whether it’s marriage or profession, the energy of the ascendant and Lord of the ascendent in your horoscope plays a significant role. 

10th house and its lord: The 10th house and the lord from ascendant or Moon Sign or Sun Sign are of prime importance for determining the profession and the business. Authorization, power advancement, ambitions, business affairs in general, the only rank, social status, work life and declaration of a person, name, fame, foreign land, the source of earnings and self-control are indicated by the 10th House in the horoscope. 

3rd house and its lord: It indicates the courage and the initiative for professional life, or the risk and speculation that one will take in his life and what will be their outcomes. It demonstrates the confidence of the native to manage the matters of risk.

5th house and its lord: The fifth house or Lord of Fifth house represents the knowledge, education, intuitions, and intelligence of the person. Besides showing the position of the native, it also indicates risk and speculations which are taken in professional life.

6th house and its lord: The 6th House or the Lord of 6th House indicates the loan from the bank or financial institutes or the financial debts or if the funds are rising and the employees who are working under the native. 

7th house and its lord: 7th House or the Lord of 7th House represents the professional relationships and the professional partnerships of the independent skilled professionals. The house also shows that the person should start individual business or partnership can be opted for.

9th house and its lord: 9th House or Lord of 9th House is the house of luck or fortune of the native; it shows if there is even distribution of resources or the circulation of money, the dignity of the person, foreign travels, and government favors. Meet top Astrologer in Mumbai

11th house and its lord: The 11th House or the Lord of 11th House is the gain and income in an ascendant’s life. It shows whether the native shall be able to acquire self earned money or not.

Planetary transition deciding Employee or Employer Yoga 

The nature of Employer or Employee yoga depends on the planetary period of significant periods or the sub-period of the native’s horoscope. The Dasha or Antardasha of the native forces him to pick a profession or change the profession, which is very drastic and dramatic for every individual. Through intense and favorable Dasha/Antardasha, even a weak and ill placed planet can bless the native with success in their profession and career life. Astrology Consultation Online

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