Do You Know What Your Handwriting Says About You?

The way human being write is unique and it reflects a lot about their personality traits. The core technique of analyzing the handwriting on the basis of the strokes is known as ‘Graphology’. This projective technique helps to know about the personality of the writer in deep. The experts of this valuable technique are often called ‘Graphologists’ or ‘Handwriting analysts’.

How are Handwriting and Personality interconnected?
It is said that an expert Graphologist can tell everything about a person’s physiological condition to its personal traits by checking their handwriting. The size of the letters to how much space they leave between the alphabets while writing can reveal some intriguing details about the person. Below, we have defined some handwriting features that are used for the study –

Letter Size – Typically, the size of the letters show that whether the person is outgoing or shy by nature. In reference to the standard line sheet, if the person writes small letters that don’t touch the upper line, it indicates that the person has timid and introvert personality. However, if the person writes huge letters that go over or beyond the line, he is more likely to be an outgoand highly confident personality.

Dotting the ‘i – Interestingly, the small things like how the person places dot on alphabet ‘I’ also reveal a lot about their personality. Placing the dot high signifies that the person is highly imaginative by nature. Many people prefer to put a circle in place of a dot that shows their child-like qualities. The presence of dash in place of dot depicts that the person is overly critical.

Word Spacing – According to the experts, the spaces between the words tell about the individual’s social abilities. Whether they like being with others or love their own company.Crossing the T’s – Yes, even the small dash while writing a small T holds a secret about the personality. Short T-crossers signifies a lazy attitude whereas long crossers denote enthusiasm and determination.

Pen Pressure – While writing, the pressure a person applies to the writing object (pen or pencil) is also taken under consideration while doing handwriting analysis. Light pressure shows that the person is sensitive whereas heavy pressure reveals their upright attitude.

These are just the basics; an expert can work on the different layers and can tell some surprising facts about the person on the basis of their handwriting. So, whether you are selecting your life partner or hiring a new employee for some important position, getting their handwriting analysis done can help you save a fortune.

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