Behind the Scenes: Decode Astrology: Your Gateway to Cosmic Learning

It was just an idea a few months back that’s giving me praises and recognition now. 

I daily come across a lot of people who wish to know about their life and what the future holds for them. Well, that would be an obvious cause to meet an astrologer for anyone, but I felt a special need among all of them. It’s my habit to explain the astrological situation and calculation in detail and people find that very interesting as they get concrete reasons for the events happening in their life. Such sessions provoke curiosity among people and I often get queries asking if they also can have the astrological knowledge that I possess? 

Getting ready to transform my dream into reality

I wasn’t very sure about suggesting any book. Though I have a lot of interest in reading and learning new skills, suggesting a book means a lot to me. When people ask me that they want to learn about astrology with a book, that means they wanted something really valuable. They want a book that isn’t just about the theory but produces a practical perspective as well for them. Visit our Dailyhunt profile

The unavailability of sure-shot literature which can guide a layman about astrology was limited. The available books on astrology in the market are either too detailed or too basic for a novice. I knew that they are not going to help people, rather they may confuse them. This pushed me to prepare a precise document that everyone can refer to, no matter if he/she is a beginner or an expert in astrology. This thought gave me an adrenaline rush as I was about to start with my first book on Astrology.

The first draft

I started with preparing the wireframe for the book and my experience helped me to prepare an effective outline of the same which would let any aspirant analyse a birth chart efficiently and able to know the reasons behind the events happening in the birth chart bearer’s life. It took me 10 days to prepare an outline that I am confident about. However, this draft was still in its raw stage. I felt the need for proper study material out of this draft to work as a reference for people.

Shaping the Draft

My primary motive was not to sell this book, rather, I wanted people to understand the basics of astrology and how it influences their life. This book needs to be understandable for people who are new to the concepts of astrology and just want an easy and interesting medium to learn to analyse a birth chart. Hence, the format and structure of this book have to be easy to grasp and fact-based.

Structuring the Book

I structured this book in 5 parts, i.e. 5 chapters:

  1. Introduction to Astrology
  2. Role of Planets and Zodiacs
  3. Application of Bhava
  4. Planet Yoga Combination
  5. Introduction to Dasha and Mahadasha

Though I prepared the draft with the thought of producing a book that can be a source of reference for people of any age group and any astro-expertise level. I also wanted the beginners to be able to analyse a birth chart, locate the positions of planets and assess the same for any future event after reading this book. Hence, I covered all the necessary data and insights into these 5 Parts .

And the result

My book, Decode Astrology – Your Gateway to Cosmic Learning got published and is now selling in big numbers on Amazon, Flipkart, Kobo and Google Play Book. It was really surprising for me to see the immense response the book received. I have been receiving multiple queries from random people and my previous clients for the same and how they can have their copy.

My Motivation

I have always been a profound devotee of Mahadev and feel blessed by him for everything. My brother, Ankur Chaurasia has always motivated me for all my endeavours. He is the prime motivation for me behind all my decisions in life.

When I decided to go ahead with this book, I wanted maximum people to get benefited out of this easy book. Hence, I wanted someone to spread the word about the same and I met Rajneesh Kumar Pandey who is a digital marketer and has been doing so for quite a long time now. His skills helped me reach the right people and get people to read this book. Article on Dailyhunt

The next step was to shape my points and hard work done so far to look like actual study material. Writing a book on Astrology isn’t easy and a writer has to think from the perspective of the author and the reader while writing the book. I looked no further than Rishi Jain for this task. He is a content marketer and editor and took responsibility for the entire editing of this book. I trained him with the complete knowledge of Astrology and he shaped my raw draft into readable content which is now benefiting all my readers. 

How to get your copy of the Book?

It’s very easy to get this book. You can use any of the below links to purchase it. 

Amazon | Flipkart | Kobo | Google Play Book

And don’t forget to leave a comment once you go through the book. 

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