Astrological Tips While Buying/Renting A House

We spend a considerable time in a single house, if not a lifetime. You must make the right decision before you rent or buy a residence because a home is a haven of serenity. You must exercise extreme caution because the atmosphere of the home has the power to alter your path of action. Before you buy or rent a home, read on for some crucial astrological advice!

Dasha of planets

The dasha (period) of the planets is crucial when choosing whether to buy or rent a home. You could choose the precise moment to sell or move your home based on your running Dasha. On the basis of the main and subperiod (dasha and antar dasha) of the planets, deals can be fixed. 


Transit of planets

Another crucial consideration when buying or renting a home is the transit of the planets. The relationship between the planet’s location and Dasha makes the transit and combination effective at delivering on the promise to buy or rent a dwelling. A house, either for purchase or rental, is promised by Saturn, Mars, Venus, and the combination of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 11th house/lord.


Direction of the property/home

Before buying or renting any house, be sure it is facing in the right direction. For instance, a home that is facing east is always beneficial for family members. The house should receive adequate sunlight in all four corners, which is still another crucial element. South-facing houses should be avoided at all costs.



Another crucial consideration for buying a property or renting one is the muhurta (auspicious period) to close the sale or move into a new home. Deals that are made during unfavourable times or muhurtas may not be successful and may experience a series of problems.


Consult a learned astrologer

According to Vedic astrology, the Lagan and its Lord, as well as the Lord of the fourth house, are significant elements that define the course of your property ownership. In addition, additional planets with dominant positions include Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon. Your current residence is indicated by the fourth house in your natal chart. Hence, a learned astrologer shall help you determine a proper yoga for acquiring property as per your horoscope.


Remedies to remove obstacles in the way of purchasing or renting a home  

There are a few solutions that can clear obstacles in your path to buying a new home. There are occasions when you may feel like something is going wrong just before something important happens. For example: Offering water to Sun God every day after taking bath is supportive to overcome financial challenges that comes in the way of purchasing a house. Feeding cows with jaggery helps to remove property disputes etc. Worship Lord Vishnu who is Swami of Goddess Laxmi and considered to be Swamy of wealth. 



Once you’ve taken possession of a home, you must carry out the necessary rituals to cleanse it and drive away all evil. You must also be aware of fortunate times for this practise. Bhoomi Poojan and Vaastu Shant pooja must be performed as soon as you plan to shift to your new house. 

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