Astrological Readings for People Unsure About Date of Birth and Time of Birth (Exclusive Methods and Remedies)

People stuck in problem often consult online Vedic Astrology experts for help. Though most of the population in the current times know their astrological details, there are almost 30-35% of people around the globe who are unfortunate to have their details about the date of birth and time of birth.

Are you one of those? No Worries!

Vedic Astrology predictions and remedies for such cases is a tough job and require a highly experienced astrologer to perform the job. It is quite obvious that predicting the future with all the required details produces perfect results, but there are certain methods which can generate authentic results and guide for all the future events. These are highly solution-oriented approaches and can generate authentic results to individual’s life-related queries.

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Let’s divide the said issues into two types:



Prediction without date of birth could be a bit tricky job as DOB is very useful data to prepare a birth chart. An expert astrologer can prepare authentic birth chart using below 4 methods:

A. Prashna Kundali:

The predictions through Prashna Kundali is like a one time access and native can ask as many questions at the time of its preparation. It is considered as one of the best methods to analyse an individual’s future without the given details.

Prashna Kundali is the art of foresight based on the situations and their occurrences. In this method, the astrologer asks the native certain questions. The combination of astrologer’s questions and planetary transits happening in the real-time makes this kundali analysis process very accurate.

B. Horoscope of close relatives

Native’s close relatives’ birth chart can bring amazing results about native’s horoscope. To apply this method, one of the close relative of native including siblings, spouse or children can produce their birth chart to achieve native’s horoscope. This is considered as a powerful technique to prepare the birth chart. One can always share a picture of their palm with the astrologer to cross-check the results.

C. Numerology:

Numerology is the prediction science that works on numbers. As there is no DOB, the numerological calculation will apply on native’s name. As every single alphabet denotes a respective number, the whole name represents a set of numbers which are analysed for birth chart and predictions.

D. Tarot Cards:

Tarot cards consist of 78 cards which can tell a lot about an individual’s future. There are two methods to generate the horoscope; 1 card and 3 cards. An astrologer can constructively answer all the questions asked at the very moment using these two methods. Tarot cards are also one of the popular methods of prediction.


This method of producing horoscope is good for natives who don’t know their time of birth but they are sure about their date of birth, and hence it is less complicated to execute. All the above-discussed horoscope analysis methods including Prashna Kundali, Horoscope of close relatives and Tarot can be used here. However, it has an additional method of prediction and remedial solutions; It is called Chandra Kundali prediction.

What is Chandra Kundali? How does it predict without time of birth?

Every given date has a fixed position for Moon. The position of Moon in native’s date of birth acts as the pillar for the analysis and all other planets are placed after that. As Moon is considered to be placed first, hence the name of this method is Chandra Kundali Analysis. To avoid the myths, Chandra Kundli isn’t just about the position of Moon, but all other planets find equal importance in finding the perfect solution.

In Chandra Kundali, the placement of the Moon decides a lot of activities in one’s life including thinking, perception, and judgement.

Chandra Kundali is widely used among the astrological predictions. It is more like playing with the native’s mind and observing the thinking and ability to manage a situation.

Predicting future without date of birth and time of birth has always been a nightmare even for the highly experienced astrologers. Vedic Astrology predictions through Prashna Kundali produces one of the most reliable solutions.

Astrologer Nupur Chaurasia is a highly experienced astrologer and strives by solution-oriented approach. She has mastered the skills of finding the perfect solution through the above methods.


Q1. What is Prashna Kundali?

Ans: Prashna Kundali is the method of predicting native’s future if the date of birth and time of birth isn’t available. It is one of the most reliable ways of producing astrological remedies if native’s complete details aren’t available.

Q2. How to predict an individual’s future without date of birth?

Ans: The prediction for native who doesn’t know his/her date of birth or time of birth can be executed using below 5 methods.

  • Prashna Kundali
  • Analysing immediate relative’s birth chart
  • Numerology
  • Tarot Cards

Q3. What is Chandra Kundali? How Chandra Kundali Works for an Individual?

Ans: As per Chandra Kundali, Moon is considered as the most important planet in a birth chart and all other planets are arranged after it. Chandra Kundali is used to analyse native’s thinking and psychological abilities and basis that, the prediction happens.

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